Twenty Reasons I Love Summer (Toronto Edition)

Image(Photo by Kimberly Pesch)

1. Fashion is simple and baring one’s legs is perfectly acceptable.

2. Pool parties with copious amounts of beverages and floatation devices are a thing.

3. Havaianas are the closest I can get to walking around barefoot.

4. I’m allowed to eat as much ice cream as I desire.

5. Running outside (to counteract said ice cream) is far more pleasant in the (spring, fall and) summer months.

6. There’s always something going on. Toronto comes ALIVE in the summertime.

7. I’m allowed to laze by the lake for at least a week, maybe two.

8. OSHEAGA Music Festival is the place to be during August long. And festival fashion is my kinda fashion.

9. Exhibitions, fairs, carnivals (whatever you’d like to call ’em) are an excuse to eat mini donuts and candy apples, then scream your lungs out on rides called Vertigo and Gravitron.

10. Dining outside is a daily occurrence.

11. Baseball games are an affordable and fun way to spend an afternoon.

12. The sunsets are breathtaking.

13. TIFF in the Park is re-inventing and urbanizing the drive-in movie theatre.

14. BBQs. Need I say more?

15. It’s the perfect time to wear your favourite Karen Walker sunglasses! Harvest are my personal faves!

16. Everyone is out and about, making the most of the season.

17. Road trips are much more pleasant (and safe) in the summertime!

18. Rooftop patios are a weekly (sometimes thrice weekly) thing.

19. There’s nothing better than whiling away the afternoon at The Toronto Islands.

20. Torontonians sport an abundance of amazing, well done tattoos, that are more visible in the summer months.

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