Nostalgia Festival

Combining the talents of the best local musicians, chefs, baristas, mixologists and florists, Nostalgia is unlike any festival I’ve ever attended. Held at Ferrymead Heritage Park, every detail of the day was carefully considered and flawlessly executed. I’ve attended my fair share of festivals in North America, yet was completely blown away by the atmosphere at Christchurch’s own festival. […]

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Twenty Reasons I Love Summer (Toronto Edition)

(Photo by Kimberly Pesch) 1. Fashion is simple and baring one’s legs is perfectly acceptable. 2. Pool parties with copious amounts of beverages and floatation devices are a thing. 3. Havaianas are the closest I can get to walking around barefoot. 4. I’m allowed to eat as much ice cream as I desire. 5. Running outside […]

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