A North Canterbury Winery That Gives Back

The only problem with living so close to an incredible wine region is deciding who to buy from. With so many world class wineries at our doorstep, supporting local winemakers is a no brainer. With only a month to go until my parents visit Canterbury for the first time (ever!), I want to make sure our house is well-stocked with local produce and wine…

When 27seconds launched in North Canterbury (one of the coolest wine regions in the world) earlier this month, 100% proceeds going towards ending modern day slavery. Pete and Alanna Chapman combined their talents as a winemaker and an NGO marketer to create a vehicle for change.

The concept came about after a life-changing trip to India. Alanna and Pete were visiting friends who worked in the country’s largest red light district, Songachi, Kolkata; meeting and hearing the stories of young girls and women who had been trafficked or sold into prostitution. In fact, every 27 seconds someone is sold or trafficked into slavery.

“We left India acutely aware of our privilege and eager to help those who don’t have the same choices we have,” says Alanna.

Partnering with award-winning wineries, grapes are sourced from Terrace Edge before being processed into organic wines by Greystone Wines.


All profits go towards 27seconds’ giving partner, Hagar, which provides trauma care, education, and economic empowerment to survivors of slavery. What started out as a one-off fundraiser, escalated into a social enterprise. “We love the idea of applying what we do to help improve other lives,” says Alanna.

And they’re doing just that.



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