What’s On In Waipara: The Food Farm

Last weekend I met with Angela and Nick Clifford, who have been in the wine industry for twenty years. Since moving back to North Canterbury twelve years ago, they have unearthed the region’s potential: Waipara is unique in that “it’s perfectly positioned geographically and geologically to grow both food and wine.” The Food Farm came to fruition when the pair […]

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Will Write For Food

Hoping to sharpen my writing skills while enjoying Christchurch’s culinary scene, I’ve started writing food reviews for Style Magazine. I’m always interested in discovering new pockets of the city and teaming up with Style has helped me eat my way through Christchurch. With a surprisingly diverse food scene for a city of its size, I still haven’t made my way through […]

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Twenty Reasons I Love Summer (Toronto Edition)

(Photo by Kimberly Pesch) 1. Fashion is simple and baring one’s legs is perfectly acceptable. 2. Pool parties with copious amounts of beverages and floatation devices are a thing. 3. Havaianas are the closest I can get to walking around barefoot. 4. I’m allowed to eat as much ice cream as I desire. 5. Running outside […]

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