Why I’m Hosting My First-Ever Event

In just a couple weeks, I’ll be hosting my very first event: a long lunch with two of my favourite local businesses. Food, Wine & Life Online is a chance to meet likeminded folk who cherish good food, organic wine and conversation.

The idea to host a gathering came about while scrolling through Instagram (typical). Feeling increasingly detached from the current social media landscape, I noticed how many accounts I was following purely for inspiration. My feed’s become saturated with similar photos using similar engagement strategies. I’m following so many accounts and falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

I think many of my friends and fellow digital nomads feel the same way. We’re all becoming disillusioned with the online landscape and what it’s become. Spending hours working alone, creating content, writing blog posts or editing videos means we forget to slow down, to take care of ourselves and check in on each other.

Having attended countless blogger events in Toronto, I now feel like I’m in a position to plan and host an event of my own. Specifically, I want to host something that’s less about surface-level networking and more about vulnerability and forming deeper connections. I was inspired by a Kinfolk gathering I attended a few years ago, where I sat between two people I’d never met before. These gatherings are intimate meals in gorgeous restaurants and homes. They are seasonal celebrations designed by local chefs and creatives. Christchurch needs more of these sorts of gatherings.

I want to live a more considered life, at a measured pace, where I step back and appreciate each moment. I want to get to know my neighbours and fellow entrepreneurs, to contribute to my creative community and the well-being of my city. This event is my first step in that direction, so I hope you’ll come along to see what it’s all about.

Held at Grater Goods in Sydenham, Food, Wine & Life Online will bring together people from different corners of the city for a three-course vegan lunch and wine by North Canterbury’s own, Greystone Wines. In attendance will be a handful of creatives, foodies and small business owners, but most importantly locals who are looking for new opportunities within the community. Christchurch has been through so much, more than any city of its size should ever endure. So, let’s take time to get to know each other better, to be more empathetic and kind.

See you on August 31st.

Vanessa and Nick - Low Res - Ana Galloway Photography-631

Vanessa and Nick - Low Res - Ana Galloway Photography-568


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