24 Hours in Canberra

Admittedly, I had pretty low expectations prior to visiting Australia’s capital city. With the exception of politicians, ardent museum goers, and city planners, Canberra is seldom considered a destination. However, when Nick suggested a day trip to Canberra from Southwest Sydney, I was more than happy to oblige. After all, we have somewhat unique tastes when it comes to […]

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Christchurch Creatives: Green Roots Organics

The city I experienced as a tourist in 2009/2010 is vastly different from the Christchurch that exists today. The old Christchurch was beautiful and Victorian, and a wee bit stuffy. The city today is more intriguing because it’s anyone and everyone’s city. While many urban centres are oversaturated, Christchurch is still in need of fresh ideas and residents […]

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All Blacks

  What is New Zealand most commonly known for? Its rugged beauty and The Lord of the Rings, of course. But after that? Probably rugby. The All Blacks have been dominating the international rugby scene for longer than I can remember. Living in Auckland, the colour black also dominated the wardrobes of many students and young […]

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