How I Style Overalls (Dungarees)

In case you haven’t noticed, overalls aren’t just for farmers anymore. Here’s how to style them to look fashion-forward this summer.

1. Hem (or in my case, roll up) the bottoms to elongate your legs and make yourself look less like a fifth grader.

2. Accessorize with a cute, standout top or wear something very basic. A shopgirl at one of my favourite boutiques wears hers with a plain white singlet, and looks FABULOUS.

3. Don’t forget about your shoes! I love overalls with Swedish Hasbeens. They add a certain sophistication to your overall (pun intended) look. Also, your legs should be on display since the rest of your shape will be somewhat compromised.

4. If your torso is wider like mine, wear your handbag strap across your body.

5. Although my hair is down in my photo, I love the look of overalls paired with a high bun.

What do you think of overalls for the summer? Are you into this trend, or is too reminiscent of your elementary-school days? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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