An overdue Vancouver update

Well, hello there. What’s been happening with you all?

It’s been ages since I last sat down to type out a blog post. If I’m completely honest, I haven’t had the mental capacity to dedicate to this small corner of the internet. Between moving to Vancouver, finding an apartment, starting a new job (more on that shortly!) and navigating a global pandemic, I have seriously neglected Prairie Girl Musings, but I finally feel ready to tackle the (metaphorical) blank page.

It’s been difficult leaving behind New Zealand for a multitude of reasons. We miss our friends and family and the freedom with which we were able to navigate life; not only in the obvious Covid-sense, but also more generally. I was talking to a friend (whom I met in Christchurch, but now lives in Vancouver as well) and she was saying that despite having lived in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and now Canada, New Zealand is the place that has stayed with her. It seems to have that effect on people.

On the job front, I’ve now been working at a Vancouver agency (AntiSocial Solutions) for about five weeks and finally feel like I’m in the swing of things. After over two years of being my own boss, it feels almost foreign to work alongside a team of strategists, copywriters and designers. My colleagues are all incredibly talented and I’ve already learnt so much from them. As much as I loved being my own boss, I often felt a bit aimless in New Zealand and I’m grateful to have a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. Even though we’re primarily working remotely, it feels nice to have other people to bounce ideas off and regular brainstorming sessions. While I’ve always assumed that I work best on my own, I’ve come to realize how important it is to surround yourself with ambitious, likeminded people. There’s something so reassuring about having a whole team behind you. While the structure and regularity are a welcome relief during these turbulent times, I do miss the spontaneous weekday cocktails and long lunches with my fellow freelancing friends.

Nick has also been navigating his new normal working for a boutique transport consultancy. He’s been learning all about the transport system here in Vancouver (let’s just say, it’s a much bigger beast than that of Christchurch…) I’m really proud of how he’s taking on this new challenge and absolutely run with it. Together, we’ve reconnected with a few Toronto and Saskatchewan pals, gone on some local hikes and we’re gearing up for what will hopefully be a great ski season at Whistler. Truthfully, life feels a bit smaller amidst the ongoing pandemic, so we’re practicing gratitude and savouring the slower moments at home. We know that there are plenty of challenges that lay ahead, but we’re taking things one day at a time.

What are you looking forward to as we head towards the end of the year?

A photo of a woman frolicking in the leaves

Photos by John Yoo

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