Taking time out with Total Body Concept this winter (plus a giveaway!)

If you’re anything like me, self-care and setting aside time for yourself has fallen to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. We’re over halfway through 2020 and I’ve been meaning to book myself in for a facial since January…

My Skincare History
I booked in for my first treatment at Total Body Concept in 2015, shortly after moving to Christchurch from Toronto. My skin was out of whack; struggling to adjust to the different climate (going from autumn to spring is confusing on many levels). My stress levels were higher than normal as I navigated a new city and looked for a job. After my initial consultation, I had my first ever mandelic acid peel and the results were transformative. I adopted a more consistent skincare regime and invested in a few serums, I’m a fan of the Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion. Pre-wedding, I kicked my skincare routine up a notch, returning for regular treatments to get my skin glowing on the day. It’s funny how we need a major life event to justify spending money on ourselves. 

While I developed a slight skincare obsession during lockdown (surely I’m not alone here…) I can’t remember the last time I had a facial. With our return to Canada, I decided to sneak in one last treatment at Total Body Concept before our flight. There’s nothing like a preflight facial to get your skin in tip top shape.

Skin Consultation
My visit started with a skin consultation, where the team analysed my skin and specific problem areas so they can recommend the best course of action. I’ve had a handful of skin consultations in the past, but our skin can change with the seasons, stress, hormones, etc. so regular check-ins are a good idea. Debbie and the team then recommended I try their new Laser Genesis treatment followed by a luxurious hyaluronic facial with the incredible Annie. 

Cutera Laser Genesis ($200)
Often referred to as the Hollywood Facial because celebrities swear by it, Cutera Laser Genesis is a highly effective, non-invasive skin treatment that diminishes acne scars and builds collagen. Basically, it stimulates the skin’s natural processes by remodelling collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture. In addition to treating conditions associated with ageing and sun damage, it’s great for targeting blemishes and uneven skin tones (two of my biggest concerns). Using a laser light to target the layer of skin where collagen is produced, small areas of the skin are heated to 41-44 degrees to stimulate new collagen formation. It felt like I was lying on a beach in Fiji, such a nice escape from Christchurch’s dreary weather. 




Hyaluronic Smooth & Fill Facial ($195)
Next I had the Hyaluronic Smooth & Fill Facial, which is another anti-ageing and blissful hour-long treatment. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our bodies, but depletes as we get older. Our joints, skin and cells all benefit from its hydrating effects and it’s equally good at healing our skin after laser treatments or peels. 

Immediately after the treatments, my skin looked plump and glowing. I was also so relaxed that I fell asleep during the hyaluronic facial and hand massage. The next day, I woke up and my skin looked even healthier. This treatment is perfect the day before an important event or celebration. It’s one I would’ve loved to have before getting married. 



…and now for the giveaway!
With everything going on this year, many of us have neglected our regular self-care routines. The team at Total Body Concept understands how difficult it can be to find time for treatments and have generously offered a FREE Wellness Retreat Spa Package to one of my followers. 

The two-hour long package is valued at $255 starts with a purifying shower and 30 minute infrared sauna, followed by herbal tea and bubbles in TBC’s private retreat room. You’ll then receive an hour long luxury facial and facial massage,  microdermabrasion, ultra sonophoresis, Vitamin C infusion treatment before heading home with two free Ultraceuticals experience size products (includes SPF and one active).   

If setting aside time and money to look after yourself is something you’d like to prioritse, I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment on this blog post, sharing what self care looks like to you or one of the ways you plan to look after yourself this year. You can also leave a comment on this Instagram post for a second entry. Make sure you’re following both @totalbodyconceptnz and @vanessaortynsky to be considered. The winner will be announced on Thursday, 9th July. 

Finding time for self-care in whatever form can be challenging, but it’s immensely rewarding when we do. 

This post is in partnership with Total Body Concept, but all opinions are my own. 




11 thoughts on “Taking time out with Total Body Concept this winter (plus a giveaway!)

  1. What an incredible giveaway!! I always ask for money towards a facial or beauty treatment/products whenever it’s my birthday/Christmas/anniversary. Especially since turning 30! I’ve heard it’s downhill for your skin unless you actively invest in good skin care and the occasional treatment. For me taking time out is vital for my functioning as a mother. I probably don’t do this enough and wait for the ‘I’ve had it moment’, maybe that should be my aim this year. To actively ask and say when I need a break and for this to be more regular. Anyway when I have taken the time its a walk/run alone, going for a coffee with girlfriends (with no kids) having a sleep in!! Haha

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    1. Aww I’m the same, Emma! I love getting facials and massages as gifts. You are such an amazing mum and deserve more time for yourself. So good that you’re starting to set aside time for walks, runs and having coffee catch ups with your friends. Thanks for your comment and stay tuned, I’ll announce a winner next Thursday. xo


  2. Absolutely love this! This year I’ve definitely been focusing more on my health and prioritising that. After joining Kate Ivey fitness last year I have gotten into exercising regularly, even in winter I’m trying to keep up exercising at least 5x per week. Prioritising getting outside and fresh air every day. Nourishing my body with healthy food and mainly trying to focus on getting a good amount of sleep, as being a nurse and doing shift work I found I was getting so run down. All of this in combination makes me feel so much more energised, happier and healthier 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  3. How totally lovely! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Total Body Concept but on a previous visit I had such a wonderful experience. I find booking regular things to look forward to (like a facial) is a great way to stay well and keep spirits up, especially during the winter months.

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  4. Looks incredible!! Self care for me means switching off and having some serene, quiet time. My post lock down skin is a nightmare, so would be amazing to give it a treat to get it back on track 💕🥰


  5. I’ve heard nothing but great things about total body concept! This sounds like an absolute dream getting pampered and feeling rejuvenated. I only started getting more into the skincare the past 3 years, I’ve made it a top priority to spend more on good quality skincare and it’s never disappointed me. After having troubled skin in my late teen years I spent so much on different skincare with no results. I’m currently studying to become a therapist and would love to have more of an insight into these treatments while being pampered!


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