Supporting Local: A Wedding Planning Update

One of the main reasons we decided to get married in Christchurch was to support local vendors. We moved back to Nick’s hometown because he wanted to play a key role in its rebuild and I wanted to blog about the aspects that make it such a rad city. There are SO many businesses that make this city a wonderful place to be. Much of this blog and my Instagram account have been dedicated to promoting local businesses and organisations. I don’t think I would still be living here three years later if not for the incredible creative community here in Christchurch.

Without further ado, here are some of the fantastic wedding vendors we’ve been working with (so far) and have made planning so much fun…

I’ve discussed our decision to host our wedding at Local at Riccarton House, but I want to reiterate how excited we are to be working with the team at Local. Since the beginning, they’ve been incredibly accommodating, answering all my questions and helping us put our ideas in motion. Nick and I often visit the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or stop in for coffee on Sunday. The grounds are stunning, the vibe is always relaxed, and the house is incredibly special. I’ve often heard people say that wedding planning is super stressful, but so far planning our celebration has been an absolute dream. I can’t wait to share more as our big day approaches.

image1 (31)

I’ve also been working with multi-talented Lucy at Christchurch Weddings on many planning elements. She’s full of advice and tips on everything from hairstyles to bridesmaid dresses, catering, DJs and beyond… You name it, Lucy has the answer. I had NO idea I needed a wedding planner until after our first meeting. Her skills span much more than just answering my endless questions, so  be sure to check out her website and Instagram account to see some examples of her work .We’re also working on a post about everything she does as a wedding planner. Stay tuned for that because it’s going to be a goodie! Oh, and I grabbed myself a copy of Notes From the Heart and am looking forward to filling it in and recording my thoughts throughout this special time.


ContentShoot1-LowRes-49Photos by Hannah Bird Photography 

Design & Styling
I’ve talked about the role of a wedding stylist and why we decided to hire one in a previous blog post (you can find it here). We’re working with Hayley of Hayley and Co. for our big day and I’ve loved catching up with her to discuss everything from colour schemes to florals to ensure everything is cohesive. I’m quite detail-oriented, but it’s been helpful running my ideas past a professional. Hayley’s styled many weddings throughout Christchurch and New Zealand, and we’re so lucky to have her as our stylist!

In other news, we’ve also decided on a local florist, Alicia from Bunch Floral. was an easy choice for us. She does things differently than most florists, using seasonal produce and reducing waste. Everything she makes it unconventional, elegant, and strikingly simple. You may remember when I wrote about attending one of her workshops and how I left feeling inspired? Well, here’s the blog post if you haven’t yet had a chance! Alicia is so incredibly talented and I love her wild, unfussy yet perfectly balanced arrangements.


Photography by Charlotte Sowman

Hair, Makeup & Outfits
There’ll be no sneak peeks about my dress (sorry!) but I can tell you that I’ve got my hair stylist and makeup artist booked in. The talented Kasia Stanicich is doing my makeup (how lucky am I?) and Monique at Graceful Hair Art will be doing my hair. If you’ve seen her work, you’ll know how talented she is! I even have a Pinterest board of hairstyles saved because I’m that extra. I’m currently tossing up between a few pair of shoes (open or closed toe? Neutral or vibrant?) as well as headpieces (I’m leaning towards no veil) and I might share some of those details in a future post.

Getting inspired…
This weekend, I’m attending the
Wild Hearts Wedding Fair. I’ve been to a few Wild Hearts events in the past and they kindly invited me to their Christmas party last year right after we got engaged. They always put together the loveliest, most unconventional fairs, (with the coolest vendors) which is super refreshing. If you’re Christchurch-based, don’t miss out on tickets. Oh and I’m so looking forward to their runway show.


This post is getting quite long, but really this is only the beginning. During a time that’s often considered overwhelming and stressful, I’ve never felt better and know it’s thanks to the women mentioned above.


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