Bunch Floral Workshop

With a passion for wild and locally grown fauna, Alicia Erceg launched Bunch Floral in November 2016.

I’ve followed the company since its beginnings, intrigued by Alicia’s unconventional approach to floristry. Bunch strives to use seasonal produce and reduce waste. Alicia regularly goes foraging to find native plants and weeds not commonly used in traditional floristry. Each of Alicia’s creations is striking in its simplicity. Her arrangements can be seen throughout Christchurch as centrepieces at local cafés and businesses, weddings and events. She was responsible for the beautiful and highly photographed floral pagoda archway at Nostalgia Festival. Alicia’s pared down ethos is refreshingly unique, so I was thrilled when she announced she’d be hosting her first ever floral workshop.


Held at XCHC, Christchurch’s coolest café/bar/event/showcase/performance space, the workshop kicked off with wine, platters and beautiful melodies by Holly Arrowsmith. The setting was perfect for an evening workshop, spacious yet cosy with fairy lights draped from the ceiling.

We watched attentively as Alicia demonstrated how to create the base for a front-facing floral masterpiece, slowly adding pieces to add balance and fill out empty spaces. The session was relaxed, accentuated by Holly’s timeless vocals. Alicia encouraged us to create something that appealed to us, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, there was zero pressure for perfection.


Photo by Rachel Laine

For your next event, I encourage you to check out Bunch Floral for eye-catching pieces that are full of personalty. Perfect for any occasion, Alicia incorporates seasonal flora and fauna, so arrangements are seasonally appropriate and last as long as possible! It’s refreshing to see something a little wild and different in an industry so often governed by cookie-cutter arrangements.

If you’re interested in creating your very own arrangement, Bunch workshops will soon become a regular occurrence. Alicia plans to host a few workshops later this year. She’s even planning on holding a Christmas wreath course in December!

Photo by Rachel Laine
Photo by Rachel Laine




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