Christchurch Creatives: Sage

Founded by Alice McLean, Sage provides nourishing, wholesome meals made from scratch using local Canterbury produce. Meals change with the seasons, but consistently offer organic produce from local growers. Alice is a Canterbury native who insists everyone is entitled to good, honest food. Delivered every Tuesday and Friday, it’s clear she cares deeply about the food she […]

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Christchurch Creatives: SPECTRUM

While graffiti and street art have a bad reputation, they also have the power to transform cities and neighbourhoods, expose social woes, start important discussions, and bring art to the masses. The likes of Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Shepard Fairey have challenged our idea of what constitutes street art. Why should art be reserved for galleries and […]

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Christchurch Creatives: Green Roots Organics

The city I experienced as a tourist in 2009/2010 is vastly different from the Christchurch that exists today. The old Christchurch was beautiful and Victorian, and a wee bit stuffy. The city today is more intriguing because it’s anyone and everyone’s city. While many urban centres are oversaturated, Christchurch is still in need of fresh ideas and residents […]

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