Christchurch Creatives: Radler Tours

One of the things I harp on about constantly is cycling. I’ve never particularly enjoyed cycling as a sport or a rigorous form of exercise. For me, it’s a practical way to get around. In cities like Toronto and Stockholm, residents cycle almost year-round. Even a little bit of snow on the ground isn’t much of a deterrent. When my sister spent a semester in Umeå, she immediately purchased a second-hand bike and along with the other students, regularly fell into snowbanks on her way to class. When it snows in Christchurch, it melts almost immediately, so winter cycling is all the more appealing.


Even so, when Nick pitched his idea for a bicycle and beer tour, I was initially skeptical. While cycling in Christchurch is relatively accessible, it’s by no means the preferred way of getting around. But with designated cycleways a top priority for the city, more and more people are taking to cycling. It’s also a great way to enjoy a night out. Cycling after a few beers is 100% legal and a lot safer than driving.

And so, it’s with much excitement, that we announce the launch of  Radler Tours. Radler is the German word for cyclist, and like the Bavarians before us, our tour will encompass, in equal measure, bicycles and beer. Our aim is to cater to both locals and tourists, as a fun way to see and experience Christchurch. Oh, and we’re excited to be regularly visiting some of our favourite Christchurch bars and restaurants:

Radler Tours was founded with the aim to provide a fun, healthy, and sustainable way to experience Christchurch’s best hospitality. Following the devastating earthquakes in 2011, Christchurch lost over 130 unique bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes. Many have re-opened in and around the CBD, but are no longer closely clustered together. Consequently, there is no focal point for the city’s entertainment and hospitality scene. Both tourists and residents are unaware that new and vibrant establishments have emerged on the fringes of the CBD, all within a leisurely biking distance of one another.

At the moment, we’ve been testing out the tours with our friends and planning an inaugural tour with a few Christchurch locals. We’ll keep you posted as to the launch of Radler Tours, but for the meantime, please visit our website for updates!


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