I’ve always had an unusual fascination with school uniforms. Attending public school in Saskatchewan, the idea of wearing variations of the same thing every day seemed elusive and mildly entertaining. When I first met Nick, I was enamoured with his navy school blazer, which is still in his closet today.

I’m drawn to tartan and plaid in my daily wardrobe, perhaps because it is so wearable. It’s reminiscent of the Scottish kilt, which is so far removed from my own heritage. This pinafore by Montreal designer, Betina Lou is a staple in my wardrobe. Both elegant and understated, I love wearing it with turtlenecks in the winter and basic white tees in the summer. Paired with this high-collared silk top by Black Eye Peach, it looks like it belongs in the 70s. Now, all I need is long hair and a middle part and I’d look just like my mom. For shoes, I often revert back to my trusty Alexander Wang booties. (Wait for them to go on sale!) CIMG3591_3


Did you wear a school uniform? Do you wear a work uniform of sorts?

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