Christchurch Creatives: Green Roots Organics

Acai bowl

The city I experienced as a tourist in 2009/2010 is vastly different from the Christchurch that exists today. The old Christchurch was beautiful and Victorian, and a wee bit stuffy. The city today is more intriguing because it’s anyone and everyone’s city. While many urban centres are oversaturated, Christchurch is still in need of fresh ideas and residents are taking notice. New businesses are constantly sprouting up and creative ideas are being implemented. As a new resident, the sense of opportunity is unmistakable.

In an effort to highlight local entrepreneurs, events, worthy causes, art installations, etc., I’m kicking off a series called Christchurch Creatives. 

As we near the end of January, many of us are in the process of implementing healthy habits. Green Roots Organics is a local gem that has helped me with my resolutions. The company is helmed by Kate, who makes and distributes cold press juices, superfood smoothies and açai bowls. I’ve yet to find another place in town that uses this Brazilian superfood berry. Available at the Christchurch Farmers Market every Saturday, açai bowls are a wonderful (not to mention, delicious) way to ingest some much-needed nutrients. I went through a bit of a phase in Toronto where I made açai bowls for breakfast almost every day and couldn’t believe that Christchurch hadn’t caught onto the fad.

Needless to say, Green Roots fills the void and I’ll be back every Saturday for my fix.


Be sure to check out Green Roots Organics at the Christchurch Farmers Market or grab one of their cold pressed juices at The Collective.

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