All Blacks


What is New Zealand most commonly known for? Its rugged beauty and The Lord of the Rings, of course. But after that? Probably rugby. The All Blacks have been dominating the international rugby scene for longer than I can remember.

Living in Auckland, the colour black also dominated the wardrobes of many students and young professionals (as it does in many major cities).  Ironically, I wore a lot of prints and colours when I attended uni in Auckland. It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto and started working at Club Monaco, that I realized the power of an all black ensemble. When you’re working retail six or seven days a week, rotating the same pieces is a reality, and working with a neutral palette makes that so much easier.

While I’ve re-introduced colour into my life, I still have a penchant for an all-black outfit. Elegant and flattering on any figure, it’s impossible to look bad in black. It’s also a bit mindless, which I appreciate on days when I don’t feel like spending too much time deliberating what to wear.

I wanted to highlight one of my favourite all-black outfits with all pieces by New Zealand and Australian designers. Also, this outfit has some serious Bukovyna vibes going on. I’m sure all my Ukrainian friends will agree.


Yes, I rode my bike in this. Yes, I had shorts on underneath.


Dress: Viktoria & Woods (currently 50% off at The Collective)
Shoes: Mi Piaci Rodeo Flats (also on sale!)
Earrings: Cat Lovett

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