Where To Go From Here?

It’s crazy to think January is more than halfway over. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired and homesick lately, like I’m stuck in limbo. I haven’t felt compelled to talk about it for fear of sounding ungrateful or as though I regret my decision to move overseas. Also, Nick has really found his groove in Christchurch; he is killing it here and I’m proud of him.

I’m starting to realize that all the things I took for granted in Toronto are actually what make the city interesting. I miss the constant buzz of that place, the jam packed subway and streetcars, the dirty streets, the constant Drake references, and even the frenetic urge to walk faster than anyone else on the footpath. The over saturation in almost every industry kept me competitive and ambitious. I loved balancing two jobs and the abundance of networking opportunities that often made me exhausted.

But maybe it’s not sustainable to rely on external forces to stay passionate.

Photo by Annie Zhang

Rather than sulk, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to get back into the swing of things. I’ve come up with a list for combatting those January blues. Hopefully it will prove helpful for those of you who may be feeling a bit under the weather.

Join the gym or a pilates/yoga studio. I know it’s cliché, but you can’t beat those endorphins. When I’m down, exercise is the only thing that improves my mood.

Network – this can be more of a challenge if you’re not in an urban centre, but get creative. Seek out new ways of interacting, say with your barista or someone at your gym. Most people are pretty receptive if you give them the chance to be.

Join a running club, or (insert favourite activity here) club.

Take in local events, be it a comedy show, buskers festival or a street art crawl. Use these events as ways to connect with likeminded individuals.

Appreciate what your city has to offer. My best friend visited last week and her enthusiasm for everything from the rebuild projects to the botanic gardens was refreshing.

Dive into a new project. More on this soon!

When I was in Toronto, I used social media to connect with other creatives. When my friend, Isabelle reached out to me via Instagram, I had no idea she’d become one of my closest friends. I also attended social media workshops and events that helped me get freelance jobs.

I’ll soon be starting a series on this blog, which will highlight Christchurch businesses, spaces and events.

2 thoughts on “Where To Go From Here?

  1. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to move so far away…but I’m sure that once you establish your routes, you will build a different type of love for your new city. I think a lot of us take Toronto for granted. I complain about those dirty streets and crowded transit all of the time!

    Something About That


    1. Thanks Jackie! It’s funny how appealing Toronto is after spending some time away from it all. And you’re right about establishing routines. I hope you’re settling into your new job and having a lovely 2016. 🙂


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