My Sunday Routine

Now that I’m fully immersed in my new job (!) I’m truly cherishing my weekends by slowing down. Filling my days with good food, conversation and books has always been important to my wellbeing, but increasingly so as I get older. For as long as I can remember, I’ve experienced the Sunday Blues – you know that […]

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Note To Self

While I was at home over the holidays, I spent one evening thumbing through old family albums. As my sisters and I often do, we each selected a few of our favourite photos from our respective baby books. I recently read an article that discussed the twenty-something woman’s tendency to berate herself on a daily […]

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The Ides of March

March 15th, also known as The Ides of March became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar. The Roman Senate had named Caesar dictator perpetuo (“dictator in perpetuity”) and fears grew that he would later dissolve the senate in favour of an absolute tyranny. This led to several senators to plot his assassination. Fear and desperation led the conspirators to […]

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