We’ve got something to tell you…

… Nick and I are engaged!

After nearly nine years together, we’ve decided to tie the knot. We’ve discussed marriage on and off for a long time, but ultimately wanted to wait until we had our ducks in a row before taking the plunge. It’s funny poring over old blog posts I wrote five years ago, after university, when Nick and I were embarking on another long distance stint. I’m forever grateful for those long, excruciating months we spent apart; refusing to sacrifice our ambitions despite our love for each other:

As we grow and evolve, I hope we continue to see the choices we’re making at the moment as the right ones. Perhaps I’m a walking, breathing cliche, but following my heart has never failed me. I hope you have the courage to follow yours. x

Since moving to Christchurch, figuring out our careers, and buying our first home, we finally feel like we’re ready to take the next step. With my parents visiting from Canada, it’s been fun discussing potential wedding ideas. Details on the wedding are yet to be determined, but I wanted to share a few engagement photos taken by the lovely, Nancy Zhou. We ventured to Sumner Beach, just after sunrise, a few days after Nick popped the question with his grandmother’s ring.










One thought on “We’ve got something to tell you…

  1. Congratulations! I’m enjoying your blog but this was extra special! Sending you both joy & sunshine for all of your days❤️


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