Thirty Goals For My Thirties

In less than four months, I’ll be turning thirty. I’m not one to let a big milestone pass by unannounced and I wanted to reflect on my twenties and set some intentions for the decade ahead. This is a long post (apologies in advance) — so grab a cup of coffee and let’s crack into it, shall we?

Find my niche. My twenties were all about experimentation and trying out a few different career options. After I finished university, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do. But that’s changed immensely over the past five years. I went from working in publishing to working at a start-up to working for an advertising agency and then a communications agency. I’m now working for myself and it feels SO GOOD. That said, I want to continue to develop my skills until I find my sweet spot. I’ve started moving into strategy and consulting work and I absolutely love it.

Re-brand. I created this blog when I was in my early twenties and A LOT has changed since then. My first few posts were about the heartache of a long distance relationship and my feelings of displacement. While I never want to forget my prairie roots and will always be a prairie girl at heart, it’s time for a more grown-up brand. Stay tuned because there are exciting plans in the works!

Work with my favourite brands. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some ridiculously cool local companies and I want to continue doing so well into my thirties.

Work internationally. It’s no secret that I love travelling and it’s my dream to work with international clients and brands. On the other hand, I am considering a possible relocation sometime in my thirties (to be completely vague about it…) I miss my family a lot, so many visits home are on the cards as well.


Meet you at the barre. I’d like to do weekly barre classes. I trained as a dancer when I was in high school and university, but haven’t danced since my early twenties. Fortunately, Les Mills has introduced barre classes and I’m all about that!

Dance. Barre’s fun and all, but there’s something about actual dance classes that’s so liberating. I’m going to enrol in a weekly dance class because I miss dancing all the time.

City guides. It turns out you all love city guides as much as I do (yay!) so I’ll continue to share international guides throughout my thirties. I have a few international destinations coming up within the next few months, so make sure you’ve subscribed to my blog updates.

Live more sustainably. Can fashion blogging and sustainability go hand in hand? (I’m actually writing a post about this at the moment…) It’s something I’ve been wanting to explore and discuss with you all, especially as my interest in conscious consumption grows. Expect more on this subject over the next few years.

Collaborate and celebrate community. The media and marketing community in Christchurch is small but mighty and I’m all about collaboration. So, hit me up, would ya? Also, my friends at Mooch Style and I hosted a bloggers workshop awhile ago, so we need to kick those off again!

Focus on the blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your own channels are where it’s at! I’m going to spend less time on Instagram and dedicate more time to this bloggity blog.


Enrol in a photography course. The incredible quality of my iPhone and mirrorless camera have meant that I’ve been able to take most of my content without any training. I’d like to change that by enrolling in a photography course and learning how to properly use a DSLR.

Get married. Nick and I met nine and a half years ago and if someone told us we would one day get married, I wouldn’t have believed them. Our relationship has seen many stages and I’m glad we waited this long to get married. In all honesty, we’ve been common law partners for awhile and I don’t want marriage to change what we have. We’ve been through so much together: long distance, moving halfway across the world for one another, homesickness, unemployment, career changes, buying a house… We both feel like we’ve experienced as much as a married couple without the paperwork (well, actually there was a lot of paperwork for both our visas, so I take that back!) While we don’t want marriage to change us, it’ll be nice to celebrate with our family and friends — those who’ve supported us throughout our ten years.

Live healthily. This is an ongoing goal of mine and encompasses both physical and mental health. Sometimes I forget to check in with myself and I’d like to do that more in my thirties.

Drink less. I wouldn’t say that I drink too much (but hey, that’s subjective). However, I do know how unhealthy it is and I want to live a long life, so I’m going to cut back in my thirties.

Self-care. I’m delving into self-care habits I’ve adopted in my next post, so stay tuned. It’s something that will continue to be a major focus in my thirties.


Explore the possibility of children. This is something I’ve never ever talked about on my channels before. Obviously, it’s hugely personal and I’m not quite ready to share everything on this front yet.

Vulnerability. So much of what we share is filtered, edited, revised. As a writer, I’m all about re-reading what I’ve written and making adjustments. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% unfiltered, off-script. I’m Canadian, we’re taught that too much information is sometimes too much… That said, there’s something so incredible about sharing our truest selves and talking about the not-so-glamorous parts of our lives. Expect more of that coming your way.

Get back into running. I still run quite regularly, but I haven’t completed any sort of race in awhile. I’d like to do another half marathon or two in my thirties.

Less screen time. I use my phone for work every day. Whether I’m answering emails on the go, posting an Instagram story or snapping a photo of my lunch, my phone is always by my side. I’d like to limit my screen time to work hours and spend more quality face-to-face time with my friends and loved ones.


Family time. This is an ongoing goal as well, but I’d like to live closer to my parents and spend more time with my immediate family. We’re all very close and it often feels ridiculous to live on another continent, so far away from them.

Read more. I studied English Literature and used to read at least five books a month (we were assigned many more than that, but who can read four novels a week?!) Anyway, I’ve read an embarrassingly little amount since then, so I’d like to get back into that.

Vouch for myself. As a self-employed freelancer, I sometimes get requests that are laughable and frankly, insulting. Negotiating rates and contracts can feel scary, but it’s so important to vouch for yourself and your skills.

Say no. Saying no to opportunities that aren’t a good fit, people that I’ve outgrown (or have outgrown me) isn’t easy, but it’s something I’ve been working on.

Be opinionated. Young girls are taught to be nice and polite, pleasant and respectful. While these can be admirable qualities, what’s more admirable is having a voice, sticking up for yourself and others, and having an opinion, particularly on issues that matter. My thirties are all about sharing my opinion, even when it’s not the popular one.

Support others. There are so many talented creatives in New Zealand and I want to celebrate everything those around me have accomplished.

Explore more. I live in a pretty freaking beautiful country. Let’s explore it, shall we?

Shop local. I won’t type another word on this subject as you’ve probably read my twenty previous posts, but I’m still listing it as a regular goal.

Pro bono work. This speaks for itself, but I’d like to get to a point where I can offer free marketing and consulting work for the causes I believe in. I want to use my channels to talk about issues that matter to me. Locally, I’d like to work with the City Mission again.

Entrepreneurship. There were many reasons why I decided to quit my full-time job to freelance full-time. I’d like to spend my thirties working for myself and continuing to develop my business. It’s scary but amazing to be my own boss, set my own hours and work towards my own dreams.

Celebrate. Not to get all cheesy on you, but there are moments in life worth celebrating and turning thirty is one of them. I’m anticipating at least a weeklong celebration…


All photos by Malia Rose Photographer 

Thank you for supporting me by reading these posts, leaving comments and sharing your own experiences. It means the world that I get to write for a living, it’s always been my dream even as a young girl.







8 thoughts on “Thirty Goals For My Thirties

  1. Awesome blog, hold on tight. Life has a little more to show you. Men and life will come clearer in your late 40’s. Trust me. I’ll be 50 in 4 months. Now all of the things that once mattered to me or worried me, no longer does. Life is tricky ..Your body will do another change in your 40’s…hold on and enjoy the little blessings.


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