Instagram Takeovers and Other News

I’ve been fortunate to attend various fashion weeks over the past four years, and it’s fascinating to observe each city’s unique approach.

iD Fashion Week has been well planned, educational and interesting. I’m here for the whole week, collaborating with iD, other bloggers and photographers. I’ve also sat in on a several talks and presentations. I’m particularly fond of the venues iD has chosen for each of its events. The Dunedin Art Gallery has been host to designer talks and shows have been held at the Dunedin Town Hall and the Dunedin Railway Station. While this blog isn’t solely dedicated to fashion (obviously), I’ve learnt a great deal about New Zealand and international fashion and building a brand.

I am currently hosting an #InstagramTakeover with photographer, Luke Foley-Martin over on iD’s account. It goes without saying that Luke’s an incredibly talented photographer and all-around cool guy. We had so much fun working together, so I thought I’d share some of his photographs. This series was taken at the Emerging Designers Judging Panel and at the Ziera Global Launch.

_E2A0124 _E2A0224 _E2A0254 _E2A0259 _E2A0522

All photographs by Luke Foley-Martin. 

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