13 Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Lorde’s alternate universe in her new Team video.

2. Thai Iced Tea and Massaman curry from Khao San Road

3. These over-the-knee socks from American Apparel.

4. Toronto’s Christmas Market in the historic Distillery District (they have samples of mulled cine and hot scotch cider!)

5. Travelling. I am planning something for 2014 already.

6. My family and having my sisters in Toronto. I feel myself becoming the boring sister, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.1174844_10201196570310700_1364538345_n
7. December, it’s my birthday in two weeks, Christmas in three, and I have made a serious dent in my Advent calendar.

8. Working from home, and achieving a work/life blend.

9. #GivingTuesday because everyone was posting #unselfies and donating to worthy causes like Girls’ Education.

10. Canadiana, Christmas pyjamas and ONESIES. Also, listening to Christmas carols at work. (I know, that’s technically four things)

11. The upcoming nuptials of my friends, Jill and Riley.

12. “Candles are expensive, and they don’t get you drunk.” Regardless, I’ve been burning candles like a madwoman.

13. Awaiting a visit from my Kiwi friend, Ash!

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