The Ides of March

March 15th, also known as The¬†Ides of March¬†became notorious as the date of the¬†assassination of Julius Caesar. The Roman Senate had named Caesar dictator perpetuo (“dictator in perpetuity”) and fears grew that he would later¬†dissolve¬†the senate in favour of an absolute¬†tyranny. This led to several senators¬†to plot his assassination. Fear and desperation led the¬†conspirators to […]

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Twenty Reasons I Love Summer (Toronto Edition)

(Photo by¬†Kimberly Pesch) 1. Fashion is simple and baring one’s legs is perfectly acceptable. 2. Pool parties with copious amounts of beverages and floatation devices are a thing. 3. Havaianas are the closest I can get to walking around barefoot. 4. I’m allowed to eat as much ice cream as I desire. 5. Running outside […]

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