September: As Told By Instagram

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Natalie and I getting ready for the ceremony!


My boyfriend, Nick and I grabbing a midday coffee following the wedding ceremony of two of our closest friends, Kirsten and Steve.


Jake and I love tapas, especially snow crab pogos!


Mary, one of my very best friends, is finally back from Kenya! We caught up over brunch at Saving Grace.


I’ve been freelancing for just under a month, and I love writing and editing from the comfort of my apartment or favourite cafe.


I’ve had a major sweet tooth as of late. This cookie inside a cookie really fit the bill.


A little bit of TIFF fun.


There’s nothing quite like flying home to Saskatchewan for the weekend. Nick and I enjoyed a few beverages in the Maple Leaf lounge prior to take-off.


Most importantly, Kirsten and Steve get married!

That’s all, folks! Have a lovely Friday, the 13th! xxx

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