Simple Ways To Break Your Phone Addiction

It’s Sunday morning and I can’t remember the last weekend I spent without my phone. In fact, I often spend hours mindlessly scrolling through my social media feeds, sometimes over dinner or while watching a movie. Creating and posting new content is a weekend ritual, especially for bloggers who feel the pressure to constantly create.

As much as I love Instagram and all the inspiration it offers, it’s becoming increasingly time-consuming. Consistently posting, liking and commenting on all my favourite accounts means it’s all the more difficult to disconnect and spend time in the real world. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, so here are a few easy ways to spend some time away from your phone:

Explore a new area of town
Leave your phone at home and go explore your city. Whether by foot or bike, heading out to see a different part of town is a surefire way to get the creative juices flowing. Have you been to the botanic gardens recently? Is there a new café you’ve been meaning to visit? Better yet, take a road trip to another city without the pressure to share the experience online.

My workouts typically consist of runs around my neighbourhood or group classes at the gym. I’m always amazed by how great I feel after a sweat sesh; not only because of the endorphins but also the clarity from not having my phone surgically attached to me.

Unplug at the dinner table
As tempting as it is to order Uber Eats and watch Netflix, cooking a homemade meal is oh so satisfying. After months of feeling uninspired in the kitchen, Nick and I decided to give My Food Bag a whirl. We’ve both been loving the time spent preparing and savouring our meals. Dinnertime also feels more sacred when we spend more time preparing it, so neither of us want to reach for our phones.

Try Float Therapy
Floatation therapy helps reduce stress, repair muscles and offers quality time away from the screen. Read about my first floatation experience here. 

At-Home Spa Night
While it’s nice booking in for a massage or facial, you don’t need to break the bank to pamper yourself. Spend a few hours on your skincare routine at home, have a bath or paint your nails. There are many affordable ways to disconnect and feel rejuvenated.

Are you addicted to your phone? What are your favourite ways to disconnect?





Photography by Jillian Miller

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