Float Therapy: Here’s What To Expect

With constant noise and distraction in our daily lives, it’s increasingly difficult to disconnect. Being constantly tethered to my device, both for work and personal reasons, I’ve often tossed up the idea of a digital detox. Float therapy is another option for those looking to carve out space to think and meditate without external distractions. It involves floating in 500KGs of epsom salts and thirty centimetres of water (heated precisely to our external body temperature).

I was kindly invited to try floatation at Cloud 9 Float Club. Despite some initial hesitation and outright fear, I decided to give it a whirl. I had read all about the benefits of float therapy, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving creativity and memory, and repairing muscles after intense exercise. It would be silly not to experience it for myself, right?

Nevertheless, with 60-undisturbed minutes of sensory deprivation in a seven-foot pod awaiting, I was slightly terrified. Where would my mind go? Would I fall asleep? I’m slightly claustrophobic, so I worried I would freak out as soon as I closed myself into the 7-foot tank…

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As the Cloud 9 team explained, everyone’s experience is completely different and you’ll get exactly what you need out of a float. “Some people immediately fall asleep because that’s what their body requires while others’ minds will run wild.”

Fortunately, my fears quickly evaporated and I seemed to lose all sense of space and time while I was floating. Focusing on my breath, my body slowly relaxed and space felt infinite. I decided to have my hands bent above my head (like goddess pose in yoga) as it was recommended for those with tight necks/upper backs. At first, I felt like I was floating along a river, and then through space with the worries of the day disintegrating. Meditation has never been easy for me, but in a flotation tank, focusing was the only option.

To ease you into the float, you’ll hear ten minutes of light music before 45-minutes of silence and five minutes easing you back at the end of your float. After 60-minutes of me time, Cloud 9 has plenty of all-natural bath products to help you wash away the salt and carry on with your day.

Post-float, you may want to write down your thoughts, sit on one of Cloud 9’s comfy chairs to process, or head straight home – again, everyone is different. Rather than give everything away, I urge you to try float therapy for yourself.


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I hope I’ve answered any questions (and concerns) you may have about float therapy. Please leave me a comment below if you’ve ever tried flotation, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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