The 8-Week Challenge Update

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I last checked in with you all regarding my 8-week challenge with Cadence Cycle Studio. We’re already at week seven and time has flown by, especially after being on holiday for the past three weeks.

To be honest, I allowed myself to indulge a bit more than necessary whilst in North America. Life’s all about balance though, and there’s no way I was going to deny myself Canadian poutine… (especially the maple syrup variety). I attempted to balance out my eating with lots of walking (as you do on holiday), running, yoga and even the odd spin class. Fortunately, I had some deliciously healthy meals at home, too.

We’ve now been back in Christchurch for a week and I’ve hit the ground running (quite literally). I’ve been at the gym every day so far and have been trying my hand at healthy new recipes (cauliflower nuggets, anyone?) Our wedding date has been a serious motivator, especially now that I’ve decided on and ordered a dress (!) While regular exercise is easy for me, it’s healthy eating that’s been a struggle. I love sweets and takeout and know I need to go cold turkey on the stuff.


In terms of mental health, I’ve never felt better. Since deciding to work for myself full-time (more on that here), my anxiety has waned and my confidence has increased. I also find I’m a lot more focused and productive on the daily. I say this allllll the time, but diet and exercise have always been integral to managing my anxiety and relieving stress.

So, there’s one week to go and I’m ready to finish strong. I’ve seriously missed my Cadence classes. I was never a fan of spin until I tried Cadence and now they’ve got me hooked.

If you’ve got any healthy tips or advice (like how to cut out sugar?!), please send them my way! Or, if you’d like to try a free class at Cadence, email me at



(I threw this one in to make you laugh…)



Photos by Malia Rose Photographer

This post was written in partnership with Cadence, but all opinions are my own. 

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