One Dress, Two Ways

Not usually one to gravitate towards red, I found myself drawn to the gorgeous print Ruby designer, Deanna Didovich dreamed up for her sister. Marina was attending a high profile wedding in Palm Springs and asked her sister to create something for her.



The dress, appropriately named, the Marina Gown, became the basis for Ruby’s Spring ’16 Collection, No Drama. It was featured in Harper’s Bazaar along with a myriad of other publications. Rather than donning a full-length gown, which might have been slightly ostentatious even for Fashion Week, I opted for the shorter Verse 1.0 mini dress and decided to style it two ways. The collection was inspired by enduring female friendships and the endless support they bring. I’ve always held my female friendships very dear, both with my two sisters and my girl gang around the globe. On that note: thank you to my dear friend, Carmen Huter who took these photographs for me and continually inspires me both professionally and personally.

Much like the collection itself, Verse 1.0 is certainly a no fuss option that transitions easily from daytime to night. Read more about the Spring ’16 collection.



Thanks for reading! For my next post, I’ll be talking about what to do in between NZFW shows.

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