A First Glance At NZFW


Attempting to squeeze as much as I can out of New Zealand Fashion Week, I’ve decided to chronicle each fashion-filled day.

NZFW kicked off tonight with womenswear duo, Harman Grubîsa. Made in New Zealand, the label is fronted by Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubîsa. Their Autumn/Winter collection fuses their polar opposite aesthetics with shimmering metallics, brown, peachy pinks, and the customary black associated with New Zealand fashion. The warm hues of the collection were complemented with wavy hair, auburn eyes and bold red lips.

Longing to create a premium product with longevity, Harman Grubîsa comprises quality pieces that ultimately become an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. Their Autumn/Winter collection is no exception, easily transitioning from daytime to night. What a fun way to kick off the week! We’re looking forward to what tomorrow holds…




Photos by Robyn Wilson of Anywhere I Roam Photography.



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