Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant, the highest peak in the Laurentians, received its name from an Algonquin Indian legend in which the angry god Manitou gave the mountain a good shake whenever humans disturbed nature in any way.

I don’t see why anyone would ever tamper with Tremblant’s beautiful surroundings; from the crisp pine trees and piles of fresh powder, it’s the perfect city break.

If you’re tired of Toronto’s simultaneously slushy and bitter winter climate, an escape to Tremblant will reinvigorate your love for winter. It’s the snow globe we rarely experience in the Big Smoke. Winter in the city is frustrating and relentless, however, in the mountainous regions of Quebec, it’s breathtaking.

My family recently visited Mont Tremblant. After skiing the Rockies all my life, the Laurentian Mountains were a welcome treat! I’d highly recommend visiting, and partaking in both the skiing/snowboarding aspect, but also après ski (which is a post for another day!)

For more Tremblant photos, check out my Instagram!

Also, I have a surprise in store! Stay tuned! xo

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