My tips for travelling lightly

I had just finished writing a lovely post filled with my travel wisdom and woes. Unfortunately, WordPress decided it wasn’t that great of a post because it’s vanished (even after having saved it multiple times). Regardless, I will leave you with a condensed list of travel advice I’ve learned over the years. As you may already know, I’m taking my first (computer-free) two-week holiday next week. I’ll be visiting London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Prague with my friend, Annie – and visiting other comrades along the way.


1. You don’t need five pairs of shoes. Aim to pack two to three, and specifically for your plans. I’m attending the Royal Ascot Races in London, so I need a pair of heels. I’ve decided to pack my Swedish Hasbeens (the clogs in the photo above) because they are versatile enough to wear throughout my travels.

2. I understand the desire to pack your dslr camera, especially if photography’s your thing. However, I often challenge myself to leave my Nikon at home at least every couple trips. Instead, I pack a point-and-shoot or my iPhone.

3. Many budget airlines charge extra for checked in luggage. If you can, save your time and money and take only a carry-on.

4. Neck pillows are king!

5. Three words: Thick wool socks. If you must pack heels (or boots), wear them on the plane, and take them off as soon as you sit down. Put on your thick wool socks, and revel in the comfort. Thank me later!

6. Layer up on the flight. It will save you precious luggage space and the air conditioning is pumping through those vessels.

7. Download city guides (I love Wallpaper Guides by Phaidon) and Rick Steves Audio Europe. Not only will they get you excited for the places you’re about to see, it’s important to gain perspective on the landmarks and monuments in the cities you’re visiting.

8. Book your accommodation in advance! Hostels and hotels tend to fill up fast during high season.

9. Travel by train at least once while in Europe. Catching a train is part of what makes Europe such a special place. Also, the views are spectacular.

10. Don’t fret if you don’t see everything on your travel to-do list. Take it from a chronic planner, sometimes it’s better to take it easy and wander. You’re on holiday after all!

What are your travel tips? I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! xo

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