A Birthday Fiesta

I wasn’t planning on celebrating my 31st birthday. Last year’s party was a massive event (rosé all day was in fact the tagline…) but as a Sagittarius and someone who loves celebrations of all sorts, I couldn’t resist planning a small gathering. I was also getting my haircut that morning, so figured I might as well leave the house! I borrowed a dress from my friends at Designer Wardrobe, asked my friend Kasia to do my makeup, and before I knew it, plans were underway.

Due to the spontaneity of it all, it ended up being one of the best nights I’ve had in awhile. We started out with a few tapas and sangria at Salut Salut at The Welder (if you haven’t been, you must!) Drinks were flowing and it ended up being such a beautiful evening. I was spoiled with a gorgeous cake by Jamie at The Cake Eating Company that looked like a work of art. By the way, since it’s the holiday season and cake is pretty much mandatory at all events, I’ve got a discount code for all you Christchurch locals: happybirthday10. Enjoy!

After tapas, we ventured to Welles Street (which was packed with Christmas work functions) before making our way to trusty Smash where we danced the night away. I’ve never been to Smash Palace that late (or early) before and it goes off! I love how eclectic the crowd is and you can’t beat it on a warm night. Plus, you all know how much I love a dance party. Everyone was having a boogie while the owner manned the DJ booth. Good times all around.









Thank you to Hannah Bird Photography for the lovely snaps!

4 thoughts on “A Birthday Fiesta

  1. Happy birthday, Vanessa !
    I remember having a tougher time accepting my 31st bday than my 30th. With such a wonderful celebration, it would have been a piece of cake🎂🍾

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