On Finding The Right Hairstylist

Like many, finding the perfect hairstylist has been a lifelong journey.

As a young girl, my parents would take me to Edward Carriere in Winnipeg for trims, and the experience remains etched into my consciousness. Despite being terribly shy and incredibly awkward, I felt taken care of, even glamorous, when having my hair cut. Several years later, I tried a new salon just before summer holidays. Somehow, despite asking for a natural mix of highlights and lowlights, I ended up with jet black hair. It’s still painful to look back on photos from that summer…

When we moved to Christchurch, I had no idea where to begin. There are plenty of highly-acclaimed salons in the city, but due to past experiences, I had trust issues.

I first heard of Balayage Hair and owner, Tom Ujihara from my friend, Kate. Having secretly admired her perfectly toned and tussled blonde locks, I finally caved and asked her for the lowdown on her stylist. It was a few months before my wedding and I knew I had to get my hair in order with an expert colourist.




Stepping into Balayage Hair, you’re immediately greeted by each stylist with a friendly smile and a chorus of hellos. The minimalist salon is immaculately designed with white walls, leafy plants and beautifully arranged shelves. It’s sleek without feeling clinical and carefully considered without taking itself too seriously. This atmosphere translates well into the type of experience you can expect at Balayage Hair.





Truthfully, I’ve never met such a detail-oriented stylist as Tom. Not only is he a balayage expert with next-level blending skills, he’s also a wonderful listener. He listens intently and won’t begin colouring or cutting until he has a clear idea of what you’re wanting, ensuring there are no mishaps. Appointments are never rushed, which is a lovely and quite rare feeling. During my last visit, he noticed a couple strands were a bit too blonde, so he immediately rectified the situation before sending me on my way. This meticulous level of care is the norm at Balayage Hair. Tom’s clients don’t leave until they are completely satisfied with the finished result.

Finding a salon and a stylist that ticks all the boxes isn’t easy. It’s taken me three years to find my ideal salon experience here in Christchurch. It’s well worth the trial and error because when you do, is when you begin to feel at home in your new city.

We put a lot of trust into the capable hands of our hairdresser. In turn, we are rewarded when we discover an environment where we can truly relax and unwind, away from the stresses of everyday life. 

You’ll find Balayage Hair at 3F Wise Street in Addington
03-982 4967
Monday – Saturday
8am – 9pm







Photos by Nancy Zhou.

4 thoughts on “On Finding The Right Hairstylist

  1. Finding the right hairstylist is so difficult, I have been to so many different ones due to moving around a lot and now that I have had a constant one for over a year it is so nice to go in and not have to worry about surprises.

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