The Rainy Day Edit

Christchurch isn’t a particularly rainy city. Sure, there are weeks where we barely see the sun, but generally it’s pretty nice. That said, there’s something a bit exciting about having a few wardrobe items you look forward to pulling out on those less than ideal days. Further to that, I love having activities up my sleeve for dreary days that get me out of the house (though days spent curled up reading a book are nice, too.)

Rains raincoats were made for melancholic New Zealand days. I don’t know how anyone could be sad whilst wearing this shade of pink. It’s light, breathable and fits like a dream. I’m not going to lie, there are sunny days where I’d like to put this on…

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-57

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-74

Catching a flick at Alice Cinema has to be my ultimate rainy day activity. The intimate cinema always has a range of art films on rotation and I love the idea of staying within the central city to see a film. This week, I’m looking forward to seeing On Chesil Beach, which is based on a novella. The shorts look as bleak as the weather forecast (I’m a sucker for sad movies…)

Another favourite rainy day activity of mine is going out to eat. I find it so satisfying to tuck into a pub meal or linger over coffee when the weather’s less than ideal. My ultimate neighbourhood spots for a rainy day include Pomeroy’s (their burger is my favourite in town), Kadett for a flat white and cake (their kimchi toastie is out of this world!) and The Corner Store (home to Smokey T’s BBQ, yum!)

How do you spend rainy days? Do you stay indoors and take a nap or brave the storm?

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-60

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-52

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-84

Photography by Carmen Huter 

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