The Summertime Skirt

It’s not quite spring in New Zealand, but today has been unseasonably warm (16 degrees!) and I’ve been dying to wear this skirt since picking it up in LA.

It’s from Reformation, one of my all-time favourite brands. All their pieces are made from super sustainable materials like rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing. As they evolve, their aim is to continue creating more sustainable fabric options, challenging the current state of the fashion industry.

Their Melrose Avenue store in Los Angeles is amazing. As you wander around, eyeing up potential purchases, employees note down your faves and have them delivered to you. You can request new items and sizes using an iPad in the fitting room and your items will magically appear in your closet a few seconds later. Then, you can purchase your faves from the confines of your room. It’s the future!

Light and flowy, this skirt pairs perfectly with a more structured top or even a looser jumper depending on your taste. I love it with this striped number by Ruby (which is super comfy, by the way). For this shoot, I wore it with heels from Andrea Biani, however, it also works wonderfully with slides or sneakers.

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-11

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-15

NEW AB by Carmen Huter-7

Photography by Carmen Huter

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