Sister Kong brings Hong Kong to Christchurch

Taking cues from late night eateries in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Sally and Sam Hooper will officially open Sister Kong Bao Bar this Friday. The pair is behind the hugely popular Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar and Christchurch foodies eagerly await their second venture.

The decor of Sister Kong is red, gold and neon, just what you’d expect from a Chinese-inspired eatery. The ceilings are adorned with bamboo scaffolding and dome lights, which Sally imported herself from one of her trips to Shanghai. Most importantly and prominently is the lucky cat which features throughout the restaurant. An ancient symbol of good fortune, Sister Kong’s logo was designed by local artist, Joel Hart.



100 lucky cats line the walls and will soon be available for purchase with all proceeds going to Paw Justice

Baos are the main attraction at Sister Kong, and you’ll find everything from saffron chicken, brisket, pork belly to panko shrimp. There’s even a breakfast bao for the breakfast lovers among us.

We opted for a range of starters to kick off our meal – everything from stinky tofu (don’t worry, it’s not actually stinky), loaded fries, fried chicken wings, pickled vegetables and kimchi. There’s plenty more on the menu and I can’t wait to return to try it all. There’s beer and wine available as well as delectable cocktails. Sake’s always a good idea to wash everything down.

Everything about Sister Kong is a bit tongue in cheek, not taking itself too seriously. Located on 123 Victoria Street, down the laneway, Sister Kong is already the city’s most talked about spot. Look for the neon lucky cat in the window and you’ve arrived at Christchurch’s coolest eatery.

Photo by Nancy Zhou
Photo by Nancy Zhou




Photo by Nancy Zhou

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