Balancing Two Polar-Opposite Jobs

Daily Inspiration

Whenever I’m lacking motivation, I turn to my favourite source of inspiration – Pinterest. Sure, it’s visually stimulating, but I get an extra special kick out of the quotation boards.

She designed a life she loved.

Follow the call of the disco ball.

Remember why you started.

Short one-liners are sometimes all I need to remind me why I do what I do. Working from home, as a freelance writer, will certainly test one’s limits. When does the work begin and when does it end? Have you ever checked your inbox at 1am only to start preparing tweets and Facebook updates for the next day?

While I know I’m not alone here, I do know that balancing two very different jobs can be a challenge. When I have a pile of blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters to complete for my freelance job, (which, by the way, I adore!) there’s nothing I want less than to shower and put on my most fashion-forward outfit. Rushing out the door to my other job as a stylist can be daunting. After all, who really wants to leave the comfort of their apartment with its endless supply of French press coffee and atmospheric candles?

On the flip side, the constant isolation from being a freelancer can be terrifying. I’ve learnt the importance of scheduling coffee dates with friends, and in-person meetings rather than relying solely on Skype. And I know I’m lucky. I’m able to juggle a social, customer-focused job with a more internally, self-guided position. It’s just my time management skills that need a bit of fine-tuning.

What do you do for work? Are you happy in your current position?

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