She was named for the fall…

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How To Relish Autumn:

1. Make mulled cider (I’m obsessed with mulled wine over the holiday season, so I’m going to attempt to make mulled cider in September)

2. Drink pumpkin ale and convince Nick to brew pumpkin beer.

3. Make pumpkin loaf, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pancakes (I’ll leave the pumpkin pie to my mother!)

4. Go for walks around campus (I live a couple blocks away from The University of Toronto) and drink festive drinks with Jake (he’s starting his university studies this fall!)

5. Incorporate deep colours into my wardrobe. Burgundy and mustard are on-trend this fall! I’m also excited to bust out my wool scarves, knee-high boots and blood orange Liam coat!

6. Update my bedtime routine with new teas, new books and new candles. I love relaxing before bed, and fall is my favourite time of year to do so! Are Diptyque candles are a worthy investment?

6. Darker nail polish. Burgundies and plums are the perfect indication of fall’s arrival.

7. Foliage. Fall is the most beautiful time of year. I love the assortment of colours and the crunchy sound of stepping on leaves.

8. The September Issues. I love thumbing through the thicker than thick copies of Vogue and Elle, and reading Monocle’s Most Liveable Cities issue.

9. Curling up next to the fire (okay, so I don’t have a fireplace in my apartment, but when I go home for Thanksgiving, I’ll be all over that) with a copy of my favourite novel.

10. Thanksgiving. I’ll be returning home to Saskatchewan for the first Thanksgiving in awhile, and I couldn’t be happier. My family is incredibly close and spending time with them during the holidays is a priority.

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