Here in Toronto, we’ve just experienced our very first snow day of 2013. On Friday morning, I awoke to my own personal snow globe. Outside the large windows of my apartment, our bustling city streets were calmer than I’d ever seen them and covered in glistening powder. My Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts blew up with photos of snow-packed driveways and people cross-country skiing down Queen Street, which is usually jam-packed with streetcars, vehicles, and taxis. #TOsnowstorm and #snowday started trending on Twitter, and it seemed most of us were set to hibernate for the weekend. By Saturday, everything had pretty much calmed down. Sure, Sorel boots and Canada Goose jackets were still necessities for most Torontonians. However, with the city back in action, we were ready to go about our weekend activities. Because being chic in -10 or even -40 (if you’re originally from the Prairies like me) requires great skill, I’ve been gathering inspiration from my favourite blogs, tumblrs and, of course, Pinterest accounts. Here are my favourite ways to layer up during our cold Canadian winters.

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