Cape Town

Our month in South Africa started out in the glorious Mother City of Cape Town. Cape Town is the second largest city in SA, and the largest in the Western Cape. My sister, Stephanie has been living with my SA/NZ friend, Adrian since her arrival in August. Natalie and I were able to stay at their apartment for a week, and hang out with all of Stephanie’s co-workers and friends.

Here are some photos from our CT excursions including a trip to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned before the fall of the Apartheid, our trek up Table Mountain, a red bus tour, The Great Gatsby musical, my 24th birthday celebrations, and a trip to my favourite market in the whole world. Our trip definitely started out on a high note, check it out:

Red bus tours
George Street Market
Afternoon at Camps Bay
150685_4600825873034_1886548095_n (1)
Steph and Terry
546753_4600825913035_1586107091_n (1)
Delicious homemade pizza
406697_4600826793057_1798094352_n (1)
A must-try
Enjoying another market day
Table Mountain hike
My birthday!
Ostrich stop
The most unusual animal
Birthday dinner
My cupcakes!
Sunisha’s delicious dinner!
Natalie relaxing at Adrian’s
Dad and Mom after climbing Table Mountain
Breathtaking view
Our amazing Congolese friend
He carried this chilly bin ALL the way up!
Taking a break to take in the scenery
Awkward turtle
Having a glass of wine with Adrian.
A former political prisoner of Robben Island now gives daily tours
My beautiful sisters
Jelly fish!

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