The Capital of Cool: Copenhagen


Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is one of my favourite cities in the world. While my younger sister was studying abroad in Sweden this past semester, I had to opportunity to travel much of Scandinavia with family, friends as well as on my own. I spent four days in Denmark following a stint in Oslo with my friend, Brenden. It was my first time travelling solo, and I have never felt more liberated! Copenhagen is amazing on so many levels. First, it’s compact and walkable. I was able to navigate from the airport (I flew Air Baltic) to the central train station to my hotel to the downtown amenities seamlessly. I packed very lightly, which was a tremendous feat given the size of my wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe, Copenhagen is the capital of design, it plays an integral role in the fashion and industrial design industries, and The Dansk Design Center was one of my first stops upon arrival in Copenhagen. It features exhibitions by local artists, cutting edge Danish designers and advocates design driven innovation and works to improve public products and services through society projects. If you ever have the chance, I’d highly recommend spending a day here. There’s so much fun to be had, and it truly is an engaging experience! Danish architecture is also highly impressive with its recent boom in modern architecture. Its pastries, of course are second to none. My favourite spot being Lagkagehuset, which can be found in several locations throughout the city. The window displays are especially enticing on a cold February morning, and their hot chocolate is simply divine!

Copenhagen has several Michelin-starred restaurants, but also a myriad of more affordable and equally delectable options! If you’re a fan of Carlsberg beer, I’d suggest checking out their brewery as the Danes are very generous with tastings and samples. I also admire how progressive Denmark is as a country.
As you probably already know, Copenhagen has the highest rate of bicycle ownership per capital of ANYWHERE in the world. Wherever you go, you’ll see fashionably-clad Danish beauties aboard two-wheelers. The frocks on bikes trend we’ve seen emerge over the past few years à la Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) and Garance Doré have clearly been inspired by the Danes.

Recently, the New York Times revealed that a new super highway was being constructed for Copenhagen citizens, encouraging further bike use! Check out this video posted on the NY Times twitter page:

I’m a huge advocate for sustainable transport. I truly realized the value of public transport while living in Auckland. Auckland’s an isthmus, which makes it difficult to implement any sort of viable transport. Furthermore, the auto-dependence is outrageous with more than 80% of Aucklanders driving to work and new motorways constantly being built. This is nothing new to Aucklanders who’ve grown accostomed to their gas guzzling ways. Europeans however, sharply intake almost immediately upon arrival in Auckland as decent public transport is ingrained in their mentality. Copenhagen’s decision to implement and promote physical activity and sustainbility is what makes it such a pleasant place to live or visit!


One of my favourite pieces of artwork by Edgar Degas, The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer


Every city should have a town square, this is a wonderful place to congregate in Copenhagen.




Dansk Design Center

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