How to Dress for University Graduation

I’ve finally received my official application to graduate! Needless to say, I’m extremely excited that I will soon transition from ‘graduand’ to ‘graduate’, and possess a university qualification. As an English major, my first concern was that my name would be spelled and pronounced correctly. My second concern is definitely WHAT TO WEAR. I’ve been on a rampant search for the perfect dress that won’t compromise the goofy baby pink hood we Arts students must wear!


Things to keep in mind when choosing a dress for graduation:

There will be dozens and dozens of photos being taken! Don’t forget to wake up a little bit earlier than usual to shower, and put on something conservative (no cleavage on graduation day!) but flattering. You’ll want to look like the mature adult you’re about to become, but still age-appropriate! Take extra time to curl your hair, but keep it natural – you still want to look like yourself, not a beauty pageant contestant! Maybe put on a little concealer and mascara, and make sure your pearly whites are flossed and brushed! Keep it minimal though! Trust me — you’ll be thankful you did once those photos hit Facebook (or, are framed and placed over the fireplace at your parents’ house!)

Here are some (high-collared) options that could potentially work:




Is this print too busy?


Mellow yellow could be quite a flattering option!


Polka dots would enable to me stay away from any clashing colour combinations yet not blend into the black robe.


While this photo isn’t the best quality, colour and collar-wise, it’d be a viable option! It’s from Ruby’s 2012/13 Summer Collection.

I’ve also come across several options from Anthropologie and have pinned them to my Graduation ’12 board on Pinterest. Follow me for more inspiration: Vanessa Ortynsky

Shoes will be a whole different ball game to be deliberated upon at a later date! xxx


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