My Goals For the Next Few Months

It feels a bit unusual to be setting goals in a time that’s still so uncertain. With our move completely thwarted, Nick and I feel like we’ve hit pause. We had so many exciting plans for the (Northern Hemisphere) summer, which is now a blank page and I have a serious case of writer’s block.

This lockdown period has been a complete rollercoaster for many of us. Personally, I’ve felt stuck both literally and metaphorically as we moved through the Alert Levels here in New Zealand. As an introvert and someone who works from home, I didn’t imagine it would be as difficult as it’s been. In the past few weeks, I’ve joked that I’ve moved into the ‘acceptance phase’ and have been taking steps to reset and figure out my short term goals. I know I find it helpful reading the ways others are moving forward, so here’s what I have in the works:

01. Streamline my wardrobe
I had a head start on this task, having listed and sold over half of my possessions on TradeMe in anticipation of our move (our house is looking especially bare at the moment!) Rather than shipping everything overseas, most of our furniture, household items and summer clothes, the ones that wouldn’t get as much wear in Canada, have now found new homes. My current wardrobe consists of a few high quality basics and special occasion pieces.

02. Embrace a slower pace
One of the reasons I wanted to work for myself was to establish better work/life balance and prioritise my mental and physical health. I count myself lucky to be able to work on projects I’m passionate about, but in the past, I’ve been known to say yes to work that paid the bills but didn’t fill my cup. Not having the security of a regular income, it’s easy to get carried away and never really ‘switch off’ even in the evenings and weekends. If this lockdown period has taught me anything, it’s how important down time really is, whether it’s binge watching Normal People or baking muffins in the middle of the day.

03. More staycations and day trips
I love a staycation and I’m hoping to continue exploring my favourite regions (North Canterbury and Akaroa) while we’re still based in Christchurch. Hanmer Springs Hot Pools plans to reopen at the end of May, so that could be a nice little getaway. We’ve stayed at a few hotels and Airbnbs in Christchurch from Crowne Plaza to the Britten Stables and will definitely book a night somewhere fun again soon!

04. More domestic travel
Name a place in New Zealand and Nick and I have probably been there. Nick’s parents made sure he’d visited every inch of his country and that’s something he’s shared with me. We’ve been lucky to spend countless weekends road tripping around both the North and South Island whether for work or purely out of interest. I know it sounds silly, but BC (before Covid) I felt like I had exhausted my time in New Zealand. I know we’ll make our way back to Canada eventually, but I plan on revisiting a few of my favourite New Zealand destinations and supporting businesses in the meantime.

05. Practice French
I definitely didn’t learn a new language during lockdown, but I have been trying to refresh my French. I grew up speaking French; all my core subjects at school were in French until grade 10, but I’m ashamed to admit my conversational skills leave much to be desired. If we end up on the East Coast of Canada, fluency in French will be useful in securing employment and it’s always handy to speak a second language.

So that’s the next few months in a nutshell! I don’t know what will happen in terms of our moving plans, but I know it’s important to look after each other. I hope you’re all feeling okay, too. Sending love to anyone who needs it.




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