Let’s Catch Up

It’s that time of year again. A golden glow is permanently cast over the city, weekends are quickly booking up, and Kiwi holidays are fast approaching. If you’re anything like me, you live for the summer months when the days are long and BBQs are plentiful. I always find myself reconnecting with long lost friends during the warmer months, finding extra time in my schedule for coffee dates and afterwork drinks.

One of my favourite parts of summer is the anticipation. The anticipation for more sunshine hours, holidays and weeks at the bach (Kiwi beach house). These feelings are amplified this year… I’m also anticipating 2019 to be a year of development and growth; one where I plan to invest in myself, my freelance business and my future. I plan to throw myself into my work, travel as much as possible (and in the least conventional way possible) and spend time with those who matter most.

A few weeks ago, upon returning to New Zealand, I experienced my regular post-travel blues. I always feel a bit out of sorts whenever I return from seeing my family in Canada. I think it’s the disconnect between my Canadian and New Zealand selves. It’s something anyone who lives far away from their immediate family can relate to. Lately, though I’ve found myself grateful for the privilege of being able to travel between the two countries and the exposure to two different cultures. It’s funny how I always say how similar Canada and New Zealand are because in many ways, they are vastly different.


So, how will I fill the next few months? Well, I’ve been experimenting with different exercise routines. From cycling and running to yoga (I just did a two-week trial at Apollo) and regular strength training and classes at Les Mills (my go-to for its proximity to my house), I’m also getting back into cooking and selling my wardrobe on Instagram (gotta save for the wedding somehow…) One of my goals is to shop less and streamline my wardrobe. One thing that’s helped immensely (and will continue to be a godsend come wedding season) is renting occasion wear and designer pieces. Lend the Label is my go-to and I love their business model and philosophy. Why buy new clothing when it’s more sustainable to borrow? I’ve just become an ambassador for them, which means I’ll be borrowing for all my major events this summer.

Professionally, I’m working on a new website — one that outlines my services (copywriting, SEO, content creation, guest blogging, sponsored content, etc.) because it’s clear I can’t keep directing prospective clients to this blog (as much as I love to!) I’m also looking into workshops, conferences and networking opportunities. Oh, and I think I’ve finally nailed that all-important pitch email, so more on that later… I went through a period of event exhaustion (all the bloggers in the house know what I’m talking about…) Going to events constantly can become draining, but during the summer months, I’m way more inclined to accept invites to media dinners and events. I find they are a great way to socialise and connect with people whom I have an online relationship but rarely see in person.

I’m also spending more time with myself, reflecting, reading and meditating. I’m truly cherishing working alone, having space to create, to write at my own pace, and to live more intentionally. As I get older, the more I want to commit to truly understanding myself and my behaviours.

What are your plans for the next few months? Whether you’re heading into the depths of winter or the sun-drenched days of summer, I hope you are well.






Photos by Malia Rose
Dress courtesy of Lend the Label (of course!) 



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