You’re The One That I Want

In addition to being a cinematic and musical masterpiece, Grease is also arguably a fashion film. With iconic costumes designed by Albert Wolsky, the characters’ wardrobes are as important as the hugely popular songs and dialogue. The lead character’s style evolution from full circle skirts and Peter Pan collars to a tight leather pantsuit is one of cinema’s best transformations. The confidence that came with changing her look permeated into other aspects of her life. Sandy shed her squeaky clean demeanour and rejected her good girl reputation in favour of something more authentic. Whatever your motives, there’s something truly significant about changing your style as you grow up.

With New Zealand Fashion Week kicking off today, I can’t help but reflect on my personal style journey. As a youngster, I favoured books over clothes and lived in oversized t-shirts and shorts. I remember spending an entire day begrudgingly trying on dresses for a wedding and hating the way I looked in every single one. I spent my teenage years dancing and saw how costumes could transform and accentuate my features. It wasn’t until uni that I developed a love for fashion, wanting to support local, independent boutiques. I attended music festivals wearing bold prints and clashing colours. Working retail, I fell for black (groundbreaking, I know) for its versatility and flattering qualities. Now, a few years into my professional life, I feel like my style is a combination of all the above – melding together the various aspects of my life so far.





How have your tastes evolved over the years? Do you think fashion has the power to change your perspective and maybe even your life?

Images by Jillian Miller Photography

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