Arty Party

One of the biggest perks of living in a city is its proximity to cultural institutions. If you live within walking (or cycling) distance to a museum, art gallery, a theatre and a art house cinema, consider yourself lucky. In Toronto, we lived on the same street as the Art Gallery of Ontario. Now in Christchurch, we’ve purchased a townhouse on the same street as the Christchurch Art Gallery. I’m more than willing to sacrifice a proper backyard for community parks and gardens, but that’s another story…


When Christchurch Art Gallery announced its Gigs at the Gallery series, I knew I had to check it out. Friday Nights at the ROM were some of my most memorable evenings in Toronto. We’d dance around the galleries while DJs spinned obscure yet familiar tracks. Securing a ticket to one of these popular evenings always felt fortuitous, who can resist partying amongst some of the world’s best art?

Gigs at the Gallery is decidedly more subdued than Friday Nights at the ROM, but no less magical. The glasshouse gallery is a striking architectural masterpiece, especially when the sun goes down. With food trucks parked outside the gallery and two cash bars inside, partygoers have plenty of food and beverage options during the evening. The ground level galleries are also open during the event.

I was especially mesmerized by dreamy pop duo, Purple Pilgrims who performed at Laneway earlier this year. Their electronic dance music is ethereal and otherworldly. Main act, Grayson Gilmour is known for his contemplative, introspective musings. Needless to say, it was a memorable evening filled with delicious drinks (the gallery’s gin cocktails are a must-try) and glorious music.

From now on, I’ll be spending my Friday nights at the gallery. P1000532.JPGp1000508P1000519.JPGP1000528.JPG


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