How To Deal With Missing Out

Since leaving Toronto, I’ve missed out on my fair share of opportunities: restaurant openings, food events and film previews, to name a few. A week after packing up my bags to move to Christchurch, I received an email about a press trip to a dreamy destination; a trip I would’ve attended in a heartbeat. Watching my friends’ Instagram stories about their latest adventures is a constant reminder of the amazing city I left behind.

The social media landscape in New Zealand is different from what I’m used to in Canada. The brands I’ve encountered aren’t eager to deviate from traditional, established media in order to work with influencers. When opportunities do arise, they often are unpaid and hard to justify when holiday time is scarce. Working at an agency, my days are fast-paced and it isn’t always possible to step away from work to create quality content. I know many bloggers who spend their weekends creating exceptional content, attending events and networking, and I commend them. While I do attend a handful of events in Christchurch and Auckland, they are less frequent than those I had become accustomed to in Toronto.

That said, I’m aware that everyone has to say no to fantastic opportunities, both professional and social. I’m writing this blog post as one of my best friends boards a plane to Melbourne for a free trip that I was invited on. Having to say no to amazing opportunities is a necessity, regardless of what you do. Here are a few reminders (for myself and for anyone who maybe feeling the same way right now):

1. I remind myself how lucky I am to do what I love and get paid for it. My 8-5 is incredibly rewarding and I’ve worked hard to find a job that fulfills me creatively and pays my bills.

2. Downtime can be a good thing. It means I get to go on runs and hikes with Nick, celebrate friends’ birthdays, stroll along the beach, and have a midday nap on a Sunday if I so desire.

3. Family comes first. This year, I’ll spend the majority of my paid leave travelling home to Canada, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. New Zealanders are entitled to at least four weeks holidays per year, which is pretty darn good.

5. I’ve been on many incredible adventures both alone and with those closest to me. For that, I count myself very fortunate.

I’m sure you’ve missed out on opportunities as well. Please tell me how you coped.

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