On surviving winter in June

As a child, I loved winter. I would frolic in the snow, completely unaware that frostbite was an imminent possibility in the -30 degree freeze. I also anticipated my birthday and Christmas, the build up so big I didn’t care that I couldn’t feel my face whenever I stepped outside.

That said, living in Christchurch and experiencing winter in June has been a bit of a rude awakening. While my family and friends are sending me snapchats of music festivals, pool parties, ice cream cones, and cottage road trips, I have been shivering in perpetual darkness. Okay, I wrote that for dramatic effect, it’s actually really sunny in Christchurch. And in the spirit of being positive and making the most of the season, I’ve compiled a list of ways to combat the winter blues.


What’s better than red wine? Mulled red wine seasoned with cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, etc. Sweet and aromatic, I’m considering swapping my coffee habit with a mulled wine habit over the next few months. I appreciate that the bars in Christchurch (Smash Palace) serve this regularly throughout the colder months and others host festivals like the recent one at Dux Central.

I used to ski quite regularly in Canada, but I’ve never had access to a season pass or a mountain right on my doorstep before. Living so close to the Southern Alps, I’ll be venturing to Mount Hutt as frequently as possible. See you on the slopes?

Photo via Natalie’s Facebook.

Thank goodness for slow cookers! Chop up some veggies and meat, throw it in the slow cooker, add some seasoning, and return home to warm supper already prepared.

As far as I’m aware, electric blankets aren’t really a thing in Canada. They are, however, hugely popular (and a necessity) in Christchurch. On our weekly trip to Briscoes we picked up my first electric blanket and I couldn’t be more excited to snuggle into bed tonight.

Hot yoga is much more satisfying in the winter. Spending 90 minutes in a 40-degree room during the summer months feels torturous, but in winter, it feels like a luxury. Actually, working out in general feels great in the winter.

I’ll take any excuse to bundle up and wear as many layers as possible. Winter fashion means peacoats, scarves and boots. I’m especially fond of winter whites and pastels this year.

There’s something so wonderful about settling in for a movie by the fire or venturing out to the cinema to see a new film during the colder months.

Now tell me, what do you enjoy about winter?

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