Time to Celebrate

Time to Celebrate | Jord Watches

Despite what seems like perpetual darkness,  (sun, where have you gone?) May has been a dreamy month so far. On top of starting a new job and taking on some exciting blog/side projects, I’ve now been granted New Zealand residency. Believe me, it didn’t come without several hiccups along the way.

With so much happening, I rely on my watch more than ever. I don’t know about you, but using my phone to check the time doesn’t cut it. I prefer wearing a watch most days of the week, not only to give my eyes a rest, but also to tie my outfits together. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but a watch never feels too dainty.

When JORD approached me about their new line of wood watches, I couldn’t resist having a look. The Fieldcrest range focuses on simple watches in neutral shades. I’m a big fan of neutrals and the blond wood piece, Maple really spoke to me. I love that it works so well with my wardrobe regardless of whether I’m wearing black, white or colour. While I tend to gravitate towards leather straps, the wood is surprisingly comfortable and I’d choose it over a gold or silver band any day!

Enter to win a voucher for your own JORD watch. Everyone who enters will receive $20 off their purchase.



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