What I’ll Be Wearing This Winter


Whether we want to admit it or not, winter is on its way here in Christchurch. And while I’m looking forward to hitting the slopes at Mt. Hutt, I’m even more excited to bundle up and actually wear 90% of my wardrobe. I love summer with all my heart, but appreciate the sartorial styles that emerge in colder climates. And so, I thought I’d share some of the AW ’16 trends I’m most fond of.

At Zambesi, we saw a lot of burgundy; burgundy with black, burgundy with grey and head-to-toe burgundy. This colour is so reminiscent of autumn and the changing of leaves. I love how it simultaneously looks macabre and sophisticated.

AG4Q2654 AG4Q2673

Calf-length cardigans and white denim
Huffer epitomises street style, and I love how their collection seamlessly transitions from the city to the slopes. I can’t wait to layer calf-length cardigans over silk tops and white denim. Is it just me or is white denim even better in winter?


I try to get away with leather year-round, but especially in the winter. I’ve invested in a quality leather jacket, but I’m also a fan of this leather dress by Kate Sylvester. I love the way Kate paired it with a turtleneck for a more office-appropriate ensemble.


As much as I love black, I am equally obsessed with light pink and lavender. You’ll notice it creeping into my wardrobe throughout the year, but especially in the winter when I live in my favourite pastel pink peacoat.


Neck ties
Neck ties (pictured above and below) have been around for awhile, but what better time to don one than during the cooler months? I love the variations seen in Carlson’s runway show at iD Fashion Week.


Many thanks to my friend, Robyn Wilson of Anywhere I Roam Photography for these runway images. While my photographs suffice for Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, I’m very grateful for her professional skills!

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